Searching for 1979 Classmates [_borders/MessBd_ahdrOriginal.htm]

Searching for 1979 Classmates

From: CCJHS 1979
Date: 26 Mar 2009
Time: 18:30


The reunion committee is searching for these lost class members
addresses. Please send any info to

Jim Bauer,  Delaney Beals,  Rob Biggs,  Becky Bingham,
Alison Bowles, Darold Cart, Ron Gardner, Eugene Graves,
Rick Greene, Craig Hall, Charles (Chuck) Hardin,
Jim Hoffman, Billie Jo Ison, Fred (Junior) Johnson,
Frank Lehman, Jeannine Miller, Stanley Morgan,
Vicki Parker, Kevin Richey, Russell Richison,
Janice Rothgeb, John Shaw, Pam Simmons,
Lisa Smith, Michelle Smith, Penny Smith,
Mike Tripcony, and Lisa Webber

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